Hey everyone! I’m Ashlyn.

I first picked up a DSLR in December of 2009 when my younger sister was Clara in the 51st annual Nutcracker at The Lake Erie Ballet. I feel like I 'inherited the knack' (of photography) from my mom, who used to take wedding photos. My mom, Nancy still helps me out as my assistant at Weddings when I need her. With a great interest and passion in photography and a great support system from my mom and sister and at the Ballet, I decided to continue my journey in capturing special moments.

    Since the true start of ‘ACD Photography’ in the summer of 2011, I’ve taken thousands of photos for many clients - and wouldn’t want it any other way! These clients include families, engagements, newborns, high-school seniors, dancers, toddlers, couples, weddings, pregnancies, sisters, friends, a few pets, a few parties, and everything else in between!

    I always tell anyone that asks me how I began my Photography business that I could have never imagined the popularity of my photography and how busy I’ve become! I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people. It’s honestly been such a blessing in my life!

    I am a Canon camera user. I consider my work to look like real life - bright and vibrant. I don’t want the photos to come off as ‘edited’ or ‘Photoshopped’, except for the pictures that I actually edit to look that way! I’m inspired by passion, laughter, and the overall joy of life. I’m self taught and I grow in my business every.single.day! That’s why I LOVE being a photographer - I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and perfecting my current ones, this business definitely keeps me on my toes!

a few fun facts about yours truly

  1. 1.I have a 16 year old chihuahua named Pickles who is my buddy! (see last pic of my old guy!)

  2. 2.My favorite color is purple

  3. 3.I’m an avid tea drinker (hot or iced!) but also love a good cup of decaf coffee (hot or iced too!)

  4. 4.HGTV & Bravo are basically the only TV channels I watch, but Hulu & Netflix originals are slowly being added in to the mix!

  5. 5.Warm summer storms are my absolute favorite!

  6. 6.I’d be lost without my iPhone, but who isn’t these days!

  7. 7.The comfier the clothes, the better!

  8. 8.Sunshine makes me so happy

  9. 9.When I’m not photographing (or watching TV), my nose is in my kindle reading a romance or supernatural novel

  10. 10.I’ve fallen in love with physical fitness in the last year and a half. I box along with strength training/cardio classes, and yoga

  11. 11.I have a hard time not working or doing something. Even if I’m on the couch, I have laundry going or something to keep my hands busy